The new book – Fibromyalgia Explained!

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Clair’s story shows us how Fibromyalgia can occur and how we can understand it better. One of the worst aspects of the condition is the lack of information and encouragement from the medical profession. 

People are being told that the condition is incurable, however people are recovering from Fibromyalgia!! They are working out how to conquer it. Clair was diagnosed ten years ago but today she is pain free and loving life again, and she shines a light of hope to everyone who is still suffering.

Movements for Fibromyalgia

Clair’s journey had taken her to many teachers to explore what movements are good for people with Fibromyalgia. Most ‘exercises’ are too difficult or strenuous to be done regularly by people with Fibromyalgia, but movement is a huge benefit for the condition.

Clair took elements from Yin Yoga and combined them with therapeutic breathing to develop her own brand of gentle movement called Restore. 

On her YouTube channel she can guide you on a journey, awakening your stiff and aching body with a program designed specifically for Fibromyalgia. Her mindful mediations, given at the ends of the classes, are filled with hope and positivity.