Conventional drug treatments for Fibromyalgia

The most commonly used drug for Fibromyalgia is pregabalin, (which in the USA is marketed as Lyrica). However pregabalin is not licensed for treating Fibromyalgia in the UK or in Europe.

Pregabalin isn’t licenced for Fibromyalgia because the European Medicines Agency found that pregabalin was not sufficiently good at treating Fibromyalgia and so it has not been given a licence in Europe.

So why are doctors giving pregabalin to people with Fibromyalgia?

There are a few reasons;

  • Pregabalin works in rats. Chemistry says pregabalin should work in people too, but┬ápeople aren’t rats, and people feel differently to rats!

  • Pregabalin is licensed for neuropathic pain – which is a kind of pain you get with Fibromyalgia, so it can be prescribed for this symptom alone.

  • Doctors don’t have many other options to offer their patients.

Fortunately there are other options to just taking drugs. Our book has a complete self-help system for you to use at home. There are also things you can do to improve Fibromyalgia with diet, reflexology and very gentle exercises, that we teach you to do in the book.