About The Book

We wrote Fibromyalgia Explained! because we¬†want to encourage other sufferers to keep going, and to keep looking for answers. Most books about Fibromyalgia aren’t filled with hope or optimism!

Clair was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009 but is now pain free and healthy. Her journey was the inspiration for the book.

Clair takes you with her on her journey from her diagnosis, and then after many frustrating and painful years through to how she found a solution to her pain. As a therapist herself she already had a wealth of knowledge before being diagnosed. Even so it took Clair many years to find the right combination of therapies that would be effective for Fibromyalgia. Her story became the inspiration for the three of us to write this book together.

Clair’s story tells how she got ill and how she found a way back, to being able to live her life again.

We aren’t promising overnight cures, but we can show you the things that work. Clair has tried many many treatments, and she can guide you through the options. The three of us are all therapists and we work together at our clinic in England, UK.


(Hand crafted book cover available on Etsy)