Getting closer to publishing!

Last year was a long year. We all thought we could write the book in six months, but it has turned out to be a bit longer than that!

We are working with a book coach. The three of us planned to go away and write our three sections, then give is to our ever-patient coach Cara, to organise it all into a logical format.

So we had our autumn meeting after we had handed all out work in and then Cara dropped her bombshell, ‘The three pieces of work are too different and they won’t link up nicely …it needs to be two books’.

Two books?! Writing one had seemed like quite a task! But we took her advice and went away again for another few months, and hey presto we now have two books to publish!

So book one: Fibromyalgia Explained! is the first one in line for publication. It is having its final edit this week, ready for the beta-readers (first proof readers) to look at it in March.

Fibromyalgia Explained! is Clair’s story, how she got ill and what she used to get well again. It has self-help Restore Reflexology, ear seeding, and nutrition for you to use.

Our second book, Taking Control of Fibromyalgia looks at the science behind ‘brain pain’, and the research that explains Fibromyalgia. This book hopes to stop people believing the myths that we don’t know why Fibromyalgia occurs, or what is happening in the body. Actually there is lots of scientific research that does explain these things for us! This book has the VTAS Acupressure system (Vagal Toning Acupressure System) for you to use as a self-help tool.

The two books sit together and they approach the Fibromyalgia condition from the same perspective.

So I’m just getting all the diagrams ready for the final layout for book two, Taking Control of Fibromyalgia, and then this one will be hot off the press for Easter too. I can’t believe we are here!

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