Busy writing…

We’ve all had our noses in our laptops all summer and we are looking forward to getting things moving with the book.

It’s an exciting project, and working together, as three co-authors, is helping to keep us all motivated. We feel simply can’t let the others down and it keeps our inner saboteurs at bay!

We have been sharing ideas and medical research papers to read. There is so much information available but it’s not packaged up nicely, so a lot of detective work is required.

I’m finding that some days I might have to read maybe ten research papers only to find out that medical science hasn’t got more answers, or I might find a tiny useful piece of information that is really useful for us to know about, but the paper is actually focussed on another topic, so I need to read four more papers to get the answer I need. I’m enjoying the process but its r-e-a-l-l-y time consuming….

We are spurred on by our book coach Cara who keeps prodding us with enthusiastic meetings. We wouldn’t have got this far without her!

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